Parties & Corporate Events

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Birthday Parties

Are you looking for a unique birthday party idea?
You’ve come to the right place! Escape the Mystery Room is dedicated to providing all ages with a creative and fun birthday experience. Your friends will talk about this special day for many years to come! 

Here’s How It Works
Bring your family and friends and come celebrate with us as you work to decipher clues and solve puzzles to unlock the mystery room doors.  The clock starts ticking when your group enters the rooms. You only have 50 minutes to escape, so working together as a team is key!

The Mystery Room staff will provide a memorable birthday experience. We understand this is your special day, so let us handle all of the little details while you have fun taking part in the fun!

After the game celebrate in our party room! 


How long is a birthday party?
A typical party experience that includes a 1 room experience for 50 mins and party room for 1 hour afterwards for food and cake is about 2 hours long.  However, we are flexible to make the experience for any duration that fits your needs.

Do I need to bring food?
No, we take care of everything. We will have pizza, drinks and cake ready for you after your game experience. 

Can I bring my own decorations?
We already have some basic decorations in the party room but if you have any special requests please give us a call.

What is the age limit?
Escape the Mystery Room birthdays are perfect for all ages! For the safety of our detectives 13 and under will need to have an adult from your party in the room. 

How much does it cost?
The typical cost of a party of 8 people that includes one escape room for 50 mins, party room rental, cheese pizza, cake and 1 drink per detective is $220.

How do I book a birthday party?
Please call us to build your custom Birthday package.

Corporate/Team Events


Transform any corporate or team event into an extraordinary success. Whether you’re planning business meetings, brainstorming sessions, holiday parties, or team building off-sites, Escape the Mystery Room goes beyond the cubicle. 

Your team will use essential skills to work together in a fun and exciting, hands-on experience, deciphering clues and solving puzzles. The game provides unique challenges, so everyone must cooperate in order to succeed! 

Unlike outings that pit everyone against each other, Escape the Mystery Room encourages team members to work closely together to solve a problem.  The challenges allow everyone to contribute to the solution and let members with different skills shine.  

Book a time for you and your group to work together, strengthen as a team, and escape one of our rooms! 


We want to play the game as our Team-building activity for a small group. How can we do that?
You can book out a whole room online or call us and we can put your Team-Building package together.

Can you accommodate large groups?
Yes, while we may not be able to accommodate your entire group into 1 room we can set your group up into multiple teams to start all at the same time.

Do you have a catering service? Can we have food and drinks during the game?
Although we don’t allow food and drinks in our rooms we do offer several party packages with catering options for after the game in our party room.

How do I book a corporate/team event?
Please call us to build your custom event package.